Are You Getting Enough Blood?

spacer are you getting enough bloodIt seems everywhere we turn there’s more scary news about the quality of our food supply. Genetically modified blood is headed for supermarket shelves, as early as September, but the animals being used are cross-bred and grain fed, posing a huge risk to the energy levels and the health of all vampires.

Ninety percent of all blood in vampire food is imported from werewolf farms in Transylvania where animals consume high levels of antibiotics and chemicals that damage and reduce the vitamins and iron needed to sustain healthy vampire lives. Today, more than ever, vamps are struggling with obesity and lethargy.

Another investigation revealed that the werewolf farms are the worst culprit for zombie trafficking too.

We need to do better than this.

There are healthy, sustainable blood communities in our own backyard here in the US. So why, then, do we continue to support a blood industry that runs on the back of slaves? Why do we welcome the blood of processed food into our diets?

The reason: It costs less and tastes great. A higher profit margin makes importing blood more appealing. And the never-ending sweet-tasting drip is difficult to reproduce.

What should we do?

Look for more high protein meals in your backyard. Start your own farm. Invest your money and create more jobs. Notice what you’re consuming. Be aware of where your food comes from. Don’t allow others to make your food choices.

Ignorance is bliss, but the health and longevity of our species is at stake.

Contact your local state representative, Fang Sucker, to voice your concern over this growing problem, and to find funds available to start your own animal farm.